Radwan Altaf

I am specialised in Web & Mobile App Development with a passion of building products that solve real problems

Skilled in:

About Me

A Creative Software Engineer Who is Passionate About all Things Tech
I help B2C & B2B businesses grow by building customer centric & fast-loading Websites & Mobile Apps. I enjoy challenging myself to learn new technologies and am always looking to improve my skills. When I am not working on a client project, I am either playing with new technology or working on a side project.

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I am experienced in developing interactive UI/UX. I have the most experience in Front-End languages including but not limited to Angular, React, NextJS, React-Native & Vue

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I have experience with building RESTful APIs using Django, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase, and AWS. I also have worked with C# .NET, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET Core (MVC architecture)

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Cloud/Serverless Architecture

I have taken the official AWS Cloud Practitioner course and will be sitting for the Cloud Practitioner exam soon. I have experience with AWS Lambda, Amplify, Cognito, DynamoDB, AppSync, EC2 & S3